Crane Layout Careers  

We have a ‘state of the art’ manufacturing unit where we use high quality raw materials, best lathe, drilling, boring, hydraulic press and grinding machines for each product we manufacture. Our fabrication centers have superior welding, bending, cutting facilities to handle heavy and large jobs. The Assembly centers are designed in a specific way to expedite the assembly process of the wheels, gear boxes, snatch-blocks, top-blocks, rope drums, shaft assembly, etc without compromising on the quality. We have in house electrical engineers that design panel boxes and assemble electrical parts of the crane.

The Module team is a combined effort of our founding members, sales, designers, engineers and technicians who specialize in the design and manufacturing of material handling spares, and supply reliable high-quality products to meet the customer's specific needs. Our designers and trained engineers work closely together with the technicians and skilled professionals to obtain the product that you may require.