Crane Layout Careers  

Module Enterprises
has in - house CAD/CAM customized software packages that help in designing and customizing of the product. The design centers use 2D and 3D versions to obtain the accurate drawing for your material handling solutions. Each year we invest carefully in improving the technology to innovate and create new designs to our products. As a result, we have enhanced our production and turn around time.

From raw material to final inspection and shipping, we maintain thorough quality to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We have a wide range of analytic tools and testing equipment available. Our QA-QC department performs inspection at every stage of the product being built. Each item is thoroughly tested prior to shipment. A metallurgical laboratory is just minutes away from our manufacturing plant to perform chemistry verification, hardening, tempering and stress-relieving tests. Other tests like ultrasonic, magnetic particle testing, etc are performed at our own manufacturing unit.